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Please note: we’re currently only taking bookings for our Opening Weekend (April 21, 22, 23) – remaining dates will open soon.


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Hey! Are you ready for this?! Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?! We’re officially throwing open our doors on Friday April 21st and we’ll be celebrating our opening weekend all the way through until Sunday April 23rd. Obviously, the festivities will continue all season long.

Please note: we’re currently only taking guestlist requests for these dates. We’ll open registration for the rest of our events soon.

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A Conversation with… Kim Booth, Cosmic Pineapple

Our favourite all-round sprinkler of fairy dust and magic!

Cosmic Pineapple founder – and all-round sprinkler of fairy dust and magic – Kim Booth compares her monthly mini-festivals at Pikes to a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. One that takes you down Alice’s rabbit hole, around for a spin and back again.

“The ethos of Cosmic Pineapple is that anything can happen,” Kim explains. “It all depends which direction you choose. You can just hang out at the bar, or you can go for some healing in the dome – or you can do both! And the thing is… you don’t always receive the wisdom you need where you expect it. The driving force behind the curation has always been that anything can happen. We weave together music and magic. It’s a healing experience. It’s an expansion experience. It’s cosmic and it’s fun… and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

After first discovering a near run-down Pikes and listening to Tony’s tales of the hotel’s heritage in 2006 (“There was no one there, just Tony sitting on his own on the top platform and he just started telling me about the Pikes history and I remember thinking, this guy’s a legend!”), it was a particularly rabbit hole-esque experience of her own at a DJ’s birthday party that Kim was inspired to create an event at the hotel. “It was just bonkers,” she recalls. “It was the first time I’d seen a really big event there, and I remember seeing it as the perfect canvas to paint an event on. There are so many parts you can take over and put your inspiration on.”

About to wrap up its seventh season, Cosmic Pineapple has evolved into a fantastical, whimsical, wonderful, eclectic, eccentric and extraordinarily inclusive experience for anyone who walks through its doors. “It’s a powerful mixing of energies, of people coming together who may normally never meet,” says Kim.

“Bringing together tribes from all over the world, like the Huni Kuin Tribe – who shared wisdom and screened an incredible film about their heritage on the tennis court in July this year – and the international rave tribes, it’s all about mixing traditions, creating connections and holding space and energy for one and all.”

This year’s Cosmic Pineapple theme is Rainbow Light, inspired by the Native American Rainbow Prophecy that decrees all tribes on earth will come together to hold hands and help heal Mother Earth, all colours and creeds putting aside their differences for the greater good. “When we say tribes, we don’t just mean indigenous tribes; tribes can come from all over. Some of the most spiritual people I know are from a council estate in England. It’s people from all over the planet, coming together. The rainbow is a symbol of unity too,” adds Kim. “It’s all about light, the rainbow halo around the sun and us being in our light and moving energy through our bodies after the last two years.”

Driven by the desire to share the stories of the tribes she encounters – be it her rave tribe or those she encounters on her travels – Kim uses her platform to raise awareness for things happening on a global scale. Every event, a different charity is supported – guests are asked to make a voluntary donation at the door on entry to Cosmic Pineapple – either local or global, ranging from One Tree Planted, Love Support Unite, Choose Love, local Ibiza animal charities, mental health initiatives, children’s charities and specific causes such as helping the Huni Kuin tribe buy their land back. It’s the party with a heart and one that’s super close to our hearts. We’re sad it’s almost time to say goodbye for the season, but happy of course, that we got to experience so much cosmic goodness this summer.

Get lost in the Space Rave – the line-up is out of this world! Shop till you drop in the Cosmic Bazaar. Ground yourself in the gardens. Chill out in the Rockovery Dome. Shine your Rainbow Light all over Pikes. And dig deep for this month’s charity. Whatever you do, choose your own adventure and come join us down the rabbit hole for the closing spectacular on Thursday September 22, 2022.


Words by: White Ibiza


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