A bar is born: Room 39 Curiosity Shop

Curiouser and curiouser

Things are getting even more curious here at Pikes in 2018. In fact, as the world’s most famous Alice once said after falling down a rabbit hole: “Curiouser and curiouser!” Inspired by a combination of the many oddments, curios and eclectic treasures housed within Pikes and the hotel’s long-running history as a mecca for cocktail lovers, the all-new Room 39 Curiosity Shop gives you all the more reason to linger longer into the Ibiza night…

Pikes Room 39 Curisoity Shop Old Mans Poison

Regular visitors to Pikes – whether guests, diners or partygoers – know Room 39 as our in-house restaurant, set on an upper level presiding over the iconic pool and surveying the rolling hills of San Antonio in the distance. This year, the space has been given an elegant overhaul, creating a vibe that’s part gentleman’s club and part low-lit, late-night hangout. Petrol blue, modernist chairs and bar stools complement reflective black tables and brass detailing, while a chic marble bar draws your focus as soon as you ascend the stairs.

It is this marble bar, dear readers, that is the heart of what shall henceforth be known as the Room 39 Curiosity Shop at Pikes Ibiza. Now a destination bar in its own right, lovers of decadence, debauchery and the art of mixology are invited to pull up a pew here and find their place amongst the wonderful collection of curios – those little bits, bobs, trinkets, objets, whose-its and whatsits that have somehow found their way to Pikes from all corners of the globe – adorning the pillars, walls and shelves of the room.

Curiosity Shop by name; Curiosity Shop by nature – lovers of the signature eclectic Pikes style will be pleased to know all of these pieces are up for sale, so you can take a little piece of the hotel home with you. And for every curio, there is a bespoke cocktail to match – lovingly crafted by in-house mixology maestro Tanja Mašić – however once the curio been sold, that cocktail will be taken off the menu. This means the menu is ever-evolving, along with the space itself. All the more reason to drink here, my dears…

Tanja Pikes Curiosity Shop Mixologist

With names like Drunken Sailor, All Seeing Eye, Legless Indian, Spear of Destiny, Old Man’s Poison and Crystal Dildo to name a few appearing in the beautifully illustrated leather-bound menu, this is no ordinary cocktail menu. But then again… did you expect anything less? Each creation is unique to Pikes and Tanja (who understandably, refuses to share her recipes) says the inspiration for each one strikes her when she least expects it. Fresh, flavoursome, quirky and creative, each drink is brimming with flavour that surprises with every sip.

As night falls in Room 39 Curiosity Shop, the ambience takes on an air of mystery and mischief. Sleazy, dirty, underground Berlin-esque beats float over the custom sound system courtesy of Pikes’ resident DJs, while the colourful characters who make up the Pikes night scene begin to stream in and out of the space and the more-is-more ethos of the bar ensures the good times flow as freely as the cocktails.

Strike up a random conversation as if you’re in a literary Left Bank salon; dream up an entirely new persona if the mood, or the mezcal, strikes you; drink to your heart’s content – or at least until the bar closes at the wayward hour of 4am every night. ‘I do wish I hadn’t drunk so much,’ concluded little Alice, after over-indulging in that famously dubious bottle labelled ‘Drink me’. Clearly, that bottle had not been filled by Tanja…

Room 39 Curiosity Shop at Pikes

Open to all. Every day 10pm-4am

Offering oral pleasure, whimsical nights and of course cocktails to the highest standards.

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Words: Kristie Rogers

Images: White Ibiza