Pikes x Rockett St George

We spoke to Lucy St George about her love for Pikes and our new collaboration for Summer 2017

“For me, the Pikes range started out with giant disco balls, neon lights, palm tree lights and cocktails – these were all things that went hand in hand with the Pikes story and go a long way in getting a party started. We’ve created an incredible wallpaper and print using the famous portraits that feature the legendary Tony Pike with his celebrity guests, which hang on the walls in reception and really give a feel for the history behind the hotel. We source our items from all across the globe, but many of the items within this collection have been designed in-house, keeping the essence of what Dawn and I wanted to create really distinctive and unique.

We’re taking over Room 9 entirely by painting the walls in our signature black paint and adding our famously quirky touch to the decor using palm tree floor lights, faux palm trees, a cocktail trolley, some giant artwork and neon lights as well as some own-brand unique furniture and beautiful Moroccan style blankets, wall mounted zebras, a cowhide rug, champagne buckets and monkey lights. Guests who book the room will be able to sample Rockett St George at its very best! Think pure rock ‘n’ roll with a seductive, tropical twist. I would describe the Pikes collaboration in five words: sexy, disco, iconic, tropical, rock ’n’ roll…”


Text: Lucy St George

Photography: Rockett St George