From London to Ibiza via Hanoi with Vietvan

Pikes may be a long way from their roots in the street food scene of East London serving up fresh spring rolls and steaming bánh mì to the hungry locals but we’re really excited that the Vietvan team are making our kitchen their home this Thursday with their unique take on far eastern classics.

Made up of Nick Moss and Tracey Pooley, running a successful food truck was quite removed from Nick’s early days modelling alongside his sister Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Stephanie Seymour in campaign for Versace but having studied in the cookery schools of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh the duo quickly fell head over heels with the food culture.

We had a very quick catch up with them in between their preparation for this weeks Room 39 take over to find out more.

Vietvan at Pikes

What inspired you to set up Vietvan and can you explain a bit about the concept?

Nick: I think it was all based around our passion for food with a punch – Jamaican, Indian, Thai and of course Vietnamese and that really comes through in the Vietvan concept, it’s east meets west with a Vietnamese influence.

Did you always want to work with food and cooking even when you were in the model industry or is it more of a new thing?

N: I’ve always loved cooking and it’s great to have positive feedback from people when they taste our food.

What will the food you’ll be cooking for Pikes be influenced by – can you give us an idea of some of the dishes that will be on the menu?

N: This is a menu I have cooked for a number of friends and family in the past. A collection of the food we both really enjoy with a huge Vietnamese influence

See Menu

We know that there’s a real buzz about Vietvan – tell us about some of the big high profile events you’ve catered for?  

N: We have catered for brands in London such as London Fashion Week, Oliver Bonas and Kate Moss Agency

Vietvan Food at Pikes

What would you say is your signature dish?

N: I love curries and have a Vietnamese chicken curry on the menu.. this is sweet and with punch, right up my street!

Which chefs inspire you?

N: I’ve worked with a great chef in London called Uyen Luu she has been a real role model for me.. her food is also amazing

Come and experience Vietvan’s incredible tasting menu for yourself this Thursday at Pikes.

Tasting Menu: €60 (€40 vegetarian)
To reserve a table: +34 971 342 222
For more information:


Words: Nick Moss

Collated by: Team Pikes

Images by: Vietvan