Step into the boudoir


Sunny Ramzan may have the loose title of ‘Host and Guest Relations’ at the hotel but he is so much more than that.

Sunny embodies everything that is Pikes; friendly, flirty and a whole lot of fun. If you don’t have a night with him, you’ve not really had a proper stay. You’ll find him hosting karaoke in a bathroom with a ballpool in it, meeting, greeting and eating with you as you lounge around the pool and, if you’re lucky, he might even invite you into his world-famous boudoir when we’re all partying. So who better to answer some burning questions that you might have about the place?

Sunny… Sunny… What’s the wifi code?

Wifi code? What do you need that for? Follow me and I’ll remind you how much fun we used to have before technology took over. I have cassette tapes!

What’s the dress code to Pikes at night?

‘Dressed to Kill’ if you want to hang out with me or even grab my attention.

And what’s the dress code around the pool?

Swimwear I guess… Ideally Speedos, on the boys of course!

Can I pretend to be George Michael in the Club Tropicana video?

Well, as it happens we’re thinking of celebrating George’s birthday in June around the pool so yes you may and please tell all your mates. Also see the previous question about dress code…

Have we met before?

You’re being very familiar if we haven’t – my motto is ‘it’s never too late’. Hi, my name’s Sunny. But just for the record that’s one of my FAQs.

Why can’t I get into your boudoir sometimes? The door seems to be locked…

Well it’s not really open to the general public. It started out as my back stage/changing area so I could tantalize our audience with my eclectic sense of fashion. I have decided to allow a select few into my inner sanctum, subject to great banter and exquisite taste!

What happens in there?

I think maybe this quote from the Telegraph sums it up nicely, “and step into Sunny’s Boudoir, a treasure trove of costumes, tchotchkes and incredible stories to match” – if you catch my drift.

I’m pretty sure I lost my earrings in your bath tub. Can I get them back?

Yes, but only if you promise to clean my balls while you search for them.

Will you marry me Sunny?

Have we met before?

Will you marry me and my partner, Sunny?

As guests of Pikes Hotel it would be a sin to consider anyone else to do the task. It would be an absolute honour.

Let me buy you a drink… what are you having?

Now we’re talking! Let’s see, this would depend upon the time of day… Lunch Time: Cava Sangria, especially on a Sunday. Happy Hour: Gay G&T, don’t worry, the bartenders know exactly what that consists of. Cocktail: Espresso Martini of course! But usually I’d settle for an ice cold beer. Cheers!


Words: Josh Jones

Photography: Dan Wilton