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Pikes on Sundays

Heading into the final months in the third season of Pikes On Sundays, we thought we’d catch up with the party’s promoters and resident DJs, The Brothers Grimm, aka Andrew Livesey and Mark Broadbent. The pair share a passion for the more eclectic pop selections – so much so they have managed the impossible by getting named club acts to play ‘alternative’ Sunday sets poolside at Pikes.

Their only rule is ‘you can play whatever you like as along as it’s not house music’. We got them to interview each other about what’s Pikes on Sunday’s is all about.

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ANDREW: When we started Pikes On Sundays two years ago we set out to offer something very different musically. I think we managed that successfully and our plan is to continue in the same vein. Why was it so important for you to keep away from house music, Mark?

MARK: I’d go to Pikes and hear a watered down version of the music I heard in clubs, it annoyed the hell out of me and I’d complain to Andy McKay about it until finally he gave in and said, “well if you know so much about it why don’t you come and do it?” The ball firmly in my court it seemed important to stick to the no house music policy I’d been so vocal on. After talking with yourself and my wife Sarah, the scene was set. It’s not always easy as people are pretty stuck in their ways but I think we do offer a genuine alternative. Having said that some people just really don’t care about music, it’s just background to them and as long as it’s not annoying they are happy enough. What do you think is so special about what we offer?

A: You’re right there and in some ways that’s a good thing. Our music is sometimes quite out there so if we were relying on just that to attract our customers then we probably wouldn’t have made it passed 2015! Luckily Pikes is a truly beautiful location and the Sunday Roasts are an island institution.

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I really believe that what makes our party stand out is all the different aspects combined. That means the right music, at the right time, with the right people, in the right place with the right drinks. The party is bigger than the sum of its parts without trying too hard; and that’s why I like it so much. What have been some of your favourite memories from our two previous seasons?

M: Basically I love that we manage to get people really involved in what we do there, it’s great to get people asking if they can come back again and play and who wouldn’t want to see some of the acts we’ve had in such close proximity playing the music they listen to at home? It’s such a fantastic idea. Getting support for the project from the We Love… friends and family was a massive highlight for me and I can’t really point out individuals as they all played amazing sets as I stood behind them with a lump in my throat. This being our third year and third year projects on the island traditionally signalling success (fingers crossed) we can afford to branch out a little and introduce some more daring projects and acts we have not asked to play before.

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A: I like that people come to our party without really knowing who’s playing. It shows that people have some trust in us
to program good and interesting music. I remember I’d go to my favourite parties in Manchester even if I had no idea who the headliner was because I knew the promoters had proper quality control. That’s definitely lacking in a lot of Ibiza promotions these days so if we have a chance to develop that level of trust we should give it a whirl!


Pikes On Sundays is a weekly event running from the start of May until the end of October. Roasts are served from noon, the event is free but restaurant reservations are highly recommended.

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Words: Mark Broadbent & Andrew Livesey

Collated by: Josh Jones