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Eat & Drink

Catering for all food types and offering delicious dishes to delight every palette Pikes has fast become known as ‘the’ place to go on the island for a sublime Ibizan dining experience.


Quickly becoming known as ‘the’ place to go on the island for a sublime dining experience our Pikes destination restaurant has a distinctly British stance on cuisine that mixes classic dishes with modern cooking methods.

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The world famous pool immortalized in Wham´s Club Tropicana video serves delicious food and drinks, in a ‘relax by the poolside’ style.

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Room 39 Curiosity Shop

Established in 2018 but sealed way back in time. The Room 39 Curiosity Shop is an object of great beauty, part myth and part visible.

Using only the finest raw ingrediants sourced from around the globe we have crafted a unique collection of very curiously inspired, medicinally concocted to ignite the palette cocktails…