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Drink at Pikes

From day to night you can always check in for a cocktail or two at Pikes.

Room 39 Curiosity Shop

Open to all. Every day 10pm-4am

Offering oral pleasure, whimsical nights and of course cocktails to the highest standards.

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“A space adorned with bewitching bits and bobs and a menu featuring drinks including the Crystal Dildo, Legless Indian and Captain of the Night.”


Club Tropicana Pool Bar

Open to all. Every day 12pm-1am

Immortalized in Wham´s Club Tropicana video the famous Pikes Pool Bar serves delicious food, drinks and cocktails.

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Open for all our events until 4am

With an intimate feel, daring decor and magical vibes, Freddie’s is known and loved by islanders as Ibiza’s real home of the house party.

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