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Cocktail Club

Immerse Yourself into the world of Tanja

Hone your shaking skills with our mixology maestro Tanja Mašić this October. Be submerged into the delicious world of cocktails, with exciting new flavours and top quality ingredients. For two exclusive dates, she’ll be hosting Pikes’ first ever Cocktail Club. You’ve tasted them throughout the summer, now’s your chance to learn the tips, tricks & techniques of the trade from one of the island’s best.

Tanja | Cocktail Maker

Tanja’s been part of the Pikes family for a few years now. She’s the brilliant brains behind our all-new cocktail menu in Room 39, skillfully steering the ship of the grand Curiosity Shop each night. There are two things Tanja will never spill: her secret recipes and your drink!

What is Cocktail Club?

Tanja needs no menu in her Cocktail Club! The first part of the session will see you delve into the flavours you like, the ones you don’t, allowing Tanja to tailor-make each cocktail. After, you’ll be shown how to shake, strain, squeeze and flame your favourites.

What is included?

– 2 hour cocktail masterclass
– 4 x cocktails of your choice / creation
– 2 x shots of your choice

How much does it cost?

50€ per person for the 2 hour session.
If that’s not enough, an extra hour costs just 25€ per person.


Friday 12 October + Thursday 18 October
Time Slots Available:


Reservations can be made by emailing the team! Simply let us know which date and time you would like to book for.
Reservations are essential.