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Room 39 Curiosity Shop

Offering Oral Pleasure, Whimsical Nights & of course cocktails to the highest standard

Established in 2018 but sealed way back in time. The Room 39 Curiosity Shop is an object of great beauty, part myth and part visible.

Using only the finest raw ingrediants sourced from around the globe we have crafted a unique collection of very curiously inspired, medicinally concocted to ignite the palette cocktails…

The bar

Open every day till 3.30am (last orders 3am) the vibe is a big splash of sexy Weimer Republic downtown cabaret-bar mixed with a heady dose of Brooklyn flea market faded grandeur.

With panoramic views over our famous glittering aquamarine swimming pool, it’s packed full of eclectic curios and random artefacts collected from around the world. Everything has a price tag so you can literally take home a piece of Pikes with you when you leave and no two visits will be the same.

The Correct Use Of Cocktails

A good cocktail adapts to the person and personality. It must neither hold court nor affect the holder too intensely. It shouldn’t emanate imperiously. Thus is should never inconvenience but always delight. It can be sipped graciously, knocked back or taken shaken not stirred. A good cocktail never ever stops at one and leads to an insatiable desire to tast and explore more….

Tanja | Cocktail Maker

Well know for her skills as a distiller but mainly, mixer and shaker she steers the ship of the Room 39 Curiosity Shop from above the famous Club Tropicana Pool where we witnessed the first formations of cocktails as we know them today. Throughout the golden age of cocktails Tanja was there mixing, witnessing the invention of the modern Cocktail era. She eventually established herself as what came to be known as a trendsetter. Today the cocktail is reborn in the Room 39, the same location with a slightly different look and spelling.



Monday to Sunday:
00:00pm – 03:30am
(Last orders 03:00am)


Room 39 Curiosity Shop is Open to all
No Reservations Required

If you have a special request, such as reserving a private area please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team who will be happy to help.