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Pamelas presents

Pikes Brunch

calendarTue Aug 04

clockFrom 11:30


starAdvance Reservations Required

Poolside Cocktails Room 39 | Lunch sheep

Brunch at Pikes has quickly become the place for those with a leftist leaning. Expect an eclectic mix of island DJs soundtracking the dining experience to soothe the sore headed, soul searchers amongst the merry gathered poolside at Pikes.

Maybe you’re still up from the night before or patiently searching for the true Balearic spirit – Brunch at Pikes is a place to call home. Join us every Tuesday for Pikes Brunch in our restaurant.


Pamelas is named after a mythical creature, a classic beauty who struts across the sun drenched Pikes pool like she owns the joint. Rumoured to be Tony Pike’s ex-lover, friend, long lost family member or muse. The restaurant pays homage to her uniqueness and elegant style, her bacchanalian finesse and her absolute encapsulation of the 70s the era when she arrived on the island.

She influences the atmosphere, decor and food like a draping of silk, the new era of Pikes is Pamelas. It’s a home worthy of the female goddess of the island Tanit. The colour is Pamelas Pink. The mirror balls hang, the cocktails taste divine and the food is heavenly.

Room 39 at Pikes | Lunch

Join us for Brunch in Pamelas

To comply with government regulations on safety and social distancing this year things are a little different from normal. We are sorry we cannot accommodate anyone without an advanced reservation.

To check availability and to make a table reservation please use our online booking platform Opentable.

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