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Our restaurant pays homage to Pamela’s uniqueness and elegant style, her bacchanalian finesse and her absolute encapsulation of the 70s – the era in which she arrived on the island.

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Pamelas presents

Absolut Elyx Brunch

calendarSat Sep 19

clockFrom 11:30

pinPamelas Restaurant

starAdvance Reservations Required

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Absolut Elyx Brunch at Pikes Ibiza
Room 39 | Lunch Poolside Cocktails Room 39 | Lunch elyx-2 DSC_6245

Brunch at Pikes has quickly become the place for those with a leftist leaning. Grim (Mark Broadbent, one half of The Brothers Grim) & special guest Bed Wetter will be soundtracking the dining experience to soothe the sore headed, soul searchers amongst the merry gathered poolside at Pikes. Our wonderful friends at Absolut Elyx will be on hand providing a complimentary Vodka & Tonic with all main courses that are ordered.

We’ll be celebrating the launch of Bed Wetter’s new album, ‘Billy Mill Is Dead’ – a wonderful piece of work perfect to sit poolside and reflect upon in these trying times too. Geoff will not only be playing tracks featured on the album but will be introducing (for the first time) the music that led him to making it and influenced him during the making.

Maybe you’re still up from the night before or patiently searching for the true Balearic spirit – Brunch at Pikes is a place to call home. Join us every Saturday for Absolut Elyx Brunch in our restaurant.


Bed Wetter

'Billy Mill is Dead' Album Launch


Known more for his dance floor destroying post punk inflected techno our good friend Geoff (Man Power) has put together something far more beautiful and haunting then anything else we’ve listened to this year. Billy Mill Is Dead.

Representing a home-coming of sorts, it finds the globe-trotting Man Power reflecting on his roots, his Tyneside birth place. The album is a hauntology of sorts. Improvisations constructed not with vintage analogue gear, but a laptop – and throwing itself further back in time than the genre’s usual 60s and 70s focus. Back to the first quarter of the 20th Century. Before the closure of the shipyards and the mines. To when Newcastle was still the “powerhouse” that had fueled the previous century’s industrial revolution. Sampling dialogue, stories, from both his personal archive and Youtube. Capturing simpler lives – those lived out on production lines, or cut tragically short on the coal face. Where glamour was a Saturday night broadcast from an American ballroom. A burst of big band jazz picked up on a bakelite receiver. And dreams were distant vessels too far out on the horizon to be discerned. But where family and community were a real, physical thing. These are minimalist sepia snapshots. Memory palace cues found in the crackle and static of old news reels and radio shows. Fragments of near forgotten TV themes – jaunty black & white matinee strings. Horns repeat like a stuck record, then are dropped into echo, and stretched into drone and drift. Beatless arpeggios, slow bass pulses. Tumbling tones in with the Victorian clockwork, the factory bustle. Building cathedral-like metallic ringing constructions around ballads recounted by toothless derelicts. A narrator  explains, with anger, how new slums replaced the old. A children’s choir singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow is cut off in mid-note.

Room 39 at Pikes | Lunch

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