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Rockovery Retreat

A Wellness Revolution

Day 3

calendarWed Apr 29

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starfrom €1500 for 3 Nights, 4 Days (Reservations Essential)


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Pikes Flags Franky Vincentio & Lucie Rockovery Retreat

3 Nights, 4 Days

27th-30th April 2020

Rockovery is a unique, first of its kind, look at the connection and balance of your mind, body, and spirit. It’s a holiday for the soul. A retreat back into the wild, the rediscovery of your inner light, a restart on your life, a rejection of bad habits, a rebirth of your true potential.

Rockovery has been designed to be experimental, but not pretentious. We look at exploring connection to your own spiritual self, whether that may come through a gong bath in the Pikes Rockovery Dome, or though our visualisation and meditation work, or simply watching the incredible sunrise on our dawn nature walk.

It’s a sophisticated retreat for rebels and Ibiza royalty.

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Download our Rockovery Retreat brochure to find out more information, as well as what our package includes and the pricing.

The Aim...


Rockovery aims to reconnect your body, your intellect, your strength and your spirit. To reintroduce you to your inner child and its wide-eyed wonder. It will reconnect you to music with the best Balearic soundtrack. It will take you back to nature through as you explore the natural beauty of the island and our understanding of our responsibility to it. You’ll re-establish a healthy relationship with your body as you experience our professional training, advice, nutrition, and after care.

Rockovery is an eclectic journey of self discovery, fitness, island adventure and much-needed fun. It’s experimental, educational, a little bit cosmic and dusted with the unique Pikes attitude.

It’s a retreat done the only one way we know how: with a little bit of rock and roll baby. There’s nowhere else on earth like it.

Day 3

Schedule Overview


Sunrise Guided Meditation & Breakfast

Franky’s Fight Club at the Beach


Lunch with Lee Milne & Professor James Brown

Ibiza Rituals

Secret Afternoon Session!



Dinner with Lee Milne & Professor James Brown

Sunset Yoga & Breathing

Please note, this is a sample schedule and is subject to change. In true Pikes style, some sessions are being kept secret… You’ll have to be there to experience them!


Franky Vincentio

Who Is Franky Vincentio?

A Key Member of our Retreat Team

Personal trainer and nutritionist Franky Vincentio is a key member of the retreat. He developed his own unique style of personal training that combines the mind, body and soul, and incorporates nutritional advice into his own personal sessions - it’s all about the right balance!

Pikes Ibiza Podcast

The Pikes Podcast

Series 3, Episode 1

It's January and Dawn Hindle takes advantage of the lull between seasons, speaking to some of the more health conscious members of the Pikes family. Listen now to hear more about the Rockovery Retreat with Franky Vincentio, yoga and mediation with Cosmic Kim and eating better with Lee Milne.