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Tales of the Unexpected presents

Maribou State (Extended DJ Set)

calendarSun Sep 22



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Tales of the Unexpected at Pikes Ibiza
Maribou State Freddies Disco Ball

Expect the Unexpected every Sunday

Tales of the Unexpected is what goes down post-roast at Pikes on Sundays. Moving from poolside to Freddies last year, so we could keep the party going into the small hours of Monday morning, this year will be no different, with some of our favourite guest DJs joining us each week to play extended All Night Long sets.

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Tales of the Unexpected


From 22:00-04:00

Pikes On Sundays have enlisted some of their favourite DJs and collaborators to come and play extended sets in Freddies. The line up boasts names that will shine given the opportunity to play for 3 hours or more in the most intimate of settings. We’ve hand selected artists from across the electronic music spectrum, all of whom will bring something different to the program as a whole and we can’t wait to see and hear what everyone delivers!


Maribou State
+ Corbi