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Intellectual Property

‘Ibiza Rocks’, ‘Mallorca Rocks’, the ‘Plectrum’ logo,’We Are Rockstars”, “W.A.R!!, ‘Ibiza Rocks The Snow’, “Rocks Hotel”, “Rocks Bar”, “Rocks Diner”,”Ibiza Rocks Hotel”, “Mallorca Rocks Hotel”,”Rocks The Beach” ‘Rocks Ibiza’, ‘Magaluf Rocks’, “Barcelona Rocks”, “Powder Rocks”, “Rockovery”, “Reclaim the Dancefloor”, “Rocks House”, “Vintage Rocks”, “Rocks The Boat”, “Rocks” and any combinations / translations thereof, as well as any other marks shown on this Website in relation to our products and services are trade marks, applications for registered trade marks or registered trade marks of Andrew McKay, Ibiza Rocks Brands Limited or associated companies, in the UK and elsewhere, and must not be used without permission.  Any other marks used on the Websites are the property of their owners and must not be used without permission.