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Pikes Events Round Up | Part 2

May the openings continue…

Saddle up, party soldiers – summer 2019 lies provocatively on our doorstep and it’s about time that, a. we revealed the rest of our giddiness-inducing schedule for the upcoming season, and b. that you all get your game faces on in preparation for another wild ride on the white isle. We’ve already announced snippets of what’s to come over the following months, which should have nicely whet your whistle, but let’s be honest, we’re on an island that lives by the mantra ‘more is more’ so we may as well pile on a few more superstar guests and put the bona fide cherry on top. Then it’s your decision whether it subsequently gets plucked or not.

Sliding into the Saturday slot (and your DMs, if you’re lucky) is Homies, the Barcelona-based party, which kicked off on May 17, 2019, will be headed up by Christian Len, Camilo Miranda and Averna. This rowdy bunch have been causing riots betwixt the Pikes walls for years, primarily because we can’t get enough of their particular blend of house party mischief. As they say, the best parties are always at home, which is true, aside from the fact that you probably wouldn’t want strangers writhing around in your bathtub at home – something we actively encourage at Pikes. What can we say? We’ve got no boundaries.

Next up and we’re delighted to announce the third year of our collaboration with one of the world’s greatest jazz clubs, Ronnie Scott’s. Over five dates across summer, we’re hosting a series of events that will include a specially curated dining experience accompanied by the groove-infused, silky sweet tones of some of the best live performers on the planet. The Rachel Cohen Quartet leads the charge on Friday May 31, 2019, so join us to see the wildly talented saxophonist siren the start of Ronnie Scott’s monumental 60th year. Truly something worth shouting about.  

Celebrating another anniversary, but making its way to Pikes for the first time, is Wax Da Jam, a party that, frankly, we’ve always wanted to get our mitts on. Nightmares on Wax will be digging deep into his crate of soul-stirring tunes to bring us a quintessential Wax Da Jam soundtrack that flits from funk to reggae to rap and back again. Taking it back to the island’s free-spirited party days, arrive early in time for the Soul Food BBQ, then settle in for a night of jam sessions and good vibes. Kicking off on Monday June 3, 2019 for 10 weeks, we expect this to be a very special series indeed.

Always ones to look after our own, Shhh… This Is Our House cranks into gear on Wednesday June 5, 2019, featuring a selection of the island’s finest. Proceedings begin poolside with the likes of Sarah Main, Buckley, Nigel Clark and Eastie bringing the feel-good tunes and bucketfuls of Balearic goodness, before moving into Freddies where Jeremy Healy and the dulcet tones of blondewearingblack will lull you into a state of sonic euphoria as night descends. A house party hosted by some of our favourites, you’ll find us in the queue at the bar.

And then bringing up the rear (ahem) is the one and only Rock Nights, a party that’s been successfully tapping into our naughty side for an impressive six years now. Naturally, this night is all about shameless rock’n’roll sass, so don’t even think about crossing the gates unless you’re in the mood for mischief. For the opening on Wednesday June 13, 2019, the theme is ‘Hollywood Western’, which you can interpret as you wish, but we’re taking to mean cowboy boats and tassels. Kitsch as you like? Yes please. There’ll be a pinball room, vintage pop-ups and a tattoo area, as well as music from Colin Peters, Dorian DJs, and Black Honey, among others. Va va voom! We’re ready for the ride.

Now, we’re the first to admit that this line-up of legends should be plenty to see you through over the course of five sweaty, sticky months, but at Pikes we always like to keep something up our sleeve for afters. It might include disco balls and devilment; a pinch of punk and some prancing, a certain LA-dwelling DJ with a penchant for chasing waves around the world and another of our favourite Brits who just likes to get up to mischief wherever he ends up, but we’ll let you know once everything’s been signed, sealed and delivered. Just like Mr Wonder.

In the meantime, sink your teeth into our current line-up and let’s get cracking. We want to see you dolled up to the eyeballs, giving Sunny a run for his money, and hopping from room-to-room like a Duracell bunny on Aderall. Because this is the first year we’ll be without our legendary Tony Pike, and it’s our duty to continue this man’s legacy in the way he would’ve liked best. So in 2019, nothing less than extreme extravagance is acceptable. You know what to do.


Words by: White Ibiza

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