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Pikes Events Round-Up | Part 3

Get out of the heat and into Freddies

There’s little uniformity on Ibiza. The community here comes in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and sexualities. We’re like a big, beautiful melting pot that’s been stirred with a giant spoon to make rainbows. Yet in spite of race, colour and creed, what we all agree on is that August is the one month when it is totally acceptable (read: encouraged) to cast aside your marbles and devote yourself entirely to a dancefloor. It’s hot (damn hot), the island is full, and to be quite honest, by this point in the summer we’ve all earned the right to lose our inhibitions – well, that is if we had any to begin with (you know who you are Sunny Ramzan!). Fortunately, our party schedule from this point on is designed to facilitate that very thing, so have a read of what’s coming up and if you don’t immediately envisage yourself twirling at Freddie’s at the mere thought, it’s safe to say you’ve already lost the plot –  there’s nothing else we can do.

The first new addition to the August calendar is Tenax, a party named after the Italian superclub of the same name. Now – anyone who’s lived in Ibiza for a season or more will tell you, August is the month of the Italians (or Ferragosto, as the holidays are dubbed) and Tenax have been hosting on-island parties for their compatriots and fellow music lovers for more than a decade. Taking place on Tuesday August 6, 2019, the soundtrack comes courtesy of trio of Tenax regulars: Marco Faraone, Alex Neri and Luca Donzelli – as smooth as Neopolitan ice cream with less likelihood to melt. Meanwhile, Allegra Collusi will take you on whistle-stop tour of Italian classics from 8pm. The Florence club is credited as one of Europe’s most legendary club names, so this party is designed to pay fitting tribute. Be sure to apply for guestlist to secure your place.

Next up, we’re thrilled to announce the return of our good friend and fellow unsinkable raver, Artwork, who’s set to delve into his dizzying collection of vinyl every Wednesday night throughout August. Kicking off on Wednesday August 7, 2019, Art’s House is the quintessential Pikes party. A night where eclectic musical creation blends with an up-for-anything crowd and the result can only be described as electrifying. Small wonder the man himself describes Pikes as his favourite venue to play at on earth, and exactly why this party has garnered a devoted local following.

The following week marks the return of the Back To Mine parties. One of the most iconic series of mix albums ever recorded, Back To Mine has been the soundtrack to countless after parties over the past 20 years, successfully fusing memories to the ends of burnt out neurones thanks to the wizardry of artists like Nightmares on Wax, Groove Armada and Underworld. For this party on Friday August 16, 2019, Faithless – another of the seminal artists to have graced the cover of a Back To Mine mix – will be jumping behind the decks in Freddies to deliver a DJ set designed to simultaneously galvanise and mellow. Not to be missed.

Seeing out the end of the month is this summer’s final, glittering instalment of Disco Disco. Designed to provide exactly what it says on the tin, this party has sequins sewn into its soul, so expect the glorious and always welcome return of some shamefully kitsch 80s and 90s classics. As an aside, this night is all about inclusivity and the notion that everyone should feel at home on the dancefloor – a notion very close to our hearts. With that in mind, don’t even consider turning up in anything less than fabulous — fancy dress is very much encouraged here. Also keep your eyes peeled for some extra special guests. The last event was a sellout weeks before it took place, so… you know what to do – get yourself on that guest list now!

As mentioned, August is a month for diving into escapism, and what better way to plunge head first into it than with a sexy little slice of psychedelia? That’s what you’ll get at the JESUSLOVESACID launch of Corpus Hypercubus, an album described by the man behind the concept as ‘our first trip into hyperspace.’ Vitalik Recordings label boss and long-time Pikes friend Ryan O Gorman says he was inspired by Dali’s surrealist portrayal of the Crucifixion of Jesus on a hyper-cube, the concept is based around the relationship between science and spirituality, hyper-dimensional geometry and iconography. We think it’s the rare chance to get a glimpse inside his head. To celebrate, Mathew Jonson will make his Pikes debut with a live performance, having already featured on the album remixes alongside his brother Nathan. There’ll also be a very special guest DJ appearance (if we told you he was our favourite old school DC-10 regular, that should tell you all you need to know), alongside JESUSLOVESACID, of course.

And finally, bringing up the rear is a man who needs no introduction but will get one anyway. Ladies and gentleman, goys and birls, dogs, cats and everything in between… we are pleased to announce the return of the man, the myth, the legend, DJ Harvey! Our cultural attaché returns to his spiritual home at Pikes every Monday throughout August and September. There’s nothing that Harvey likes more than to amble through his record collection, weaving together a blanket of velvety sounds over the scent of fresh lilies until he peaks at sonic crescendo, bringing the crowd along with him. So make a pact to go along for the ride and see where it takes you, because to paraphrase Bowie, we don’t know where we’re going but we promise it won’t be boring.


Words by: White Ibiza

Photography by: Elliot Young


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