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From the hard-partying heartbeat of Pikes, Freddies to the glitter ball-laden Sunset Terrace to our newest party pocket, the Bathtub Club – there’s something for everyone at Pikes and we can’t wait to welcome you all back to our house.


Pikes Parties



Over the past few weeks here at Pikes we’ve signed for countless deliveries of various shapes and sizes, which can only mean one thing — summer is nigh. For us, it can’t come soon enough because we’ve got more than just a brightly coloured box of tricks up our sleeves to delight and surprise you, our dear guests! We know you think we spend our winters recovering from the all-day, all-night shenanigans of summer like the rest of the island, but really there’s no time for hibernation when you’ve got high jinks on the mind – we’ve been knee-deep in party planning for what our friend and resident DJ Bushwacka dubs the ‘best naughty little party space on the planet’.

So let’s be clear — there’ll be no sleeping on our watch this season (not unless you’re staying at one of our suites anyway, and even then, is that an acceptable excuse for snoozing?), because our humble venue in the hills is home to one of the most iconic dance floors in Ibiza — hmm perhaps even the world, if we do say so ourselves — and our aim is to share as many moments as possible with you, all summer long. And that’s not just on said dance floor – you’ll find action around every corner, behind every lamp post and under every disco ball (and you know there are many!) across the grounds.

Let’s start with the hard-partying heartbeat of Pikes, the one and only Freddies. Named after the former room’s most famous former guest (say that five times fast), this intimate party space is the embodiment of the Pikes ethos, a place where exhibitionism, eccentricity and equality all merrily co-exist. “Pikes is my favourite place to play on earth,” says Artwork without hesitation, and you should be inclined to believe him. You’ll brush shoulders with strangers and soon realise you’re kindred spirits, you’ll experience sonic sorcery courtesy of some of the world’s most inspired musical minds, and you’ll leave forever changed and wondering: why can’t all house parties be like this?

This is all well and good if you’re partial to dark corners for mischievous deeds, but some of the revellers among us prefer to toe-tap in the sunlight, and for that, you simply need to head to our glitter ball-laden Sunset Terrace, where sparkles dance across brick and the hills surrounding San Antonio are visible in the distance, ablaze with the golden glow of dusk. Don’t forget, our glorious pool is also your catwalk (if it’s good enough for George, it’s good enough for you), and dancing here looks especially stylish when accompanied with a freshly whizzed cocktail from our pool bar — we know, if you must.

Then, there’s our newest party pocket, the Bathtub Club – otherwise known as Ibiza’s smallest dance floor. Set to become the backdrop for a series of one-off installations and special performances throughout summer, this intimate space centres around a ball-filled bathtub, and naturally, the occasional quick-toed tap dancer. Expect to compete for space with rubber ducks (we told you there were some interesting packages arriving) and the inevitable raft of misfits who won’t be able to resist the magnetism of a platform as ridiculous as this. “The revolving characters that appear on the dance floor at Pikes brings me pure joy,” says Nightmares on Wax. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Silliness taken care of, let’s turn our attention to the very serious business of music programming, featuring the crème de la crème of turntable talent. Pikes Presents returns this summer for a series of one off gigs, in which special artists and friends of the extended Pikes family are invited to delve into the depths of their musical collections to create an unforgettable experience within the warm embrace of Freddies. Jamie xx, Goldie, Fatboy Slim, Robyn, The Blessed Madonna and Hunee have all headlined in the past, so yes, expect goosebumps in unexpected places.

Meanwhile, our beloved Pikes House Parties return on Saturday nights to whisk you on a trip down the musical rabbit hole. Every week, a whimsical soundtrack is spun by revered residents and special guest DJs alongside mesmerising vignettes from eccentric entertainers and peculiar performers. Our signature party, where anything can happen and quite frequently does, we encourage partygoers to bounce from the Sunset Terrace to Freddies to Bathtub Club and beyond – and then back again. Think of Pikes as your blank canvas, on which misbehaviour is the best colour to paint in.

We’re also delighted to welcome back our bunch of our favourite crews and promoters who we love to share the dance floor with. At Flash, everyone is welcome — come as you are. Get ready for a Melon Bomb roadblock. Cosmic Pineapple is a mystic space rave and whole lot more. Old friend of the family Diego Calvo returns with Rock Nights. Jaguar presents Utopia with a host of her pals. Our favourite Italians, Tenax, are back for more. Camilo Miranda returns with a bunch of talented islanders for Homies. Back to Mine brings the old school classics, and Disco Disco promises to be loud and proud. And then of course, our very own Brothers Grim return with Pikes on Sundays, which true to style, will be Balearic. As. Fuck.

Last of all, some housekeeping, before we sign off and get back to working hard! Be sure to remember that every single party at Pikes is accessible via guest list only, and we’re also only open to over 25s. Keep your eyes on our online event calendar (and social media) and RSVP for early access to your favourite parties (we release guest list spaces two weeks before each event) as soon as you know your Ibiza dates. That way you won’t miss out on any of our epic parties, or more importantly, the opportunity to make a BFF in the guest list queue. Oh, and always be sure to abide by the famous Pikes Code. While we do love a bit of rebellion here and there, there are just some rules in life it’s just not worth the risk of breaking.


Words by: White Ibiza

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