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Pikes Records Vol 1: The Sound of Mercury Rising

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There is a long-standing love affair between DJ Harvey and Pikes. As well as coming back for his third consecutive Mercury Rising residency, the legendary ‘DJs’ DJ has been appointed our Cultural Attaché, meaning his magic touch and feel-good presence will create even more special moments with us this summer.

The next step in the Harvey and Pikes story sees him launch the brand new Pikes Records imprint – the first record label founded by Andy McKay & Dawn Hindle.

“Each track on this compilation have been features of my sets/program/night Mercury Rising at Pikes over the last three seasons.
The night itself has developed its own Balearic identity, not necessarily sunset sound but more an ecstatic groove for sundown to sunrise, and has been described not so much as a sound but more of a feeling. A feeling that lasts not only for the 10 plus hour sets but long after your night out.
On numerous occasions during these nights people would plead for track lists, mixes and CDs so in conjunction with my Pikes family we have created a new record label as a way not only to fulfill this need, but with broader aspirations for the future.
With tracks produced from 1976-2016, spanning 40-years and sitting side by side in disco harmony, this is not a ‘bootleg it and see’ compilation, this is an officially licensed project, fully legitimate with sometimes lengthy negotiation to track down all artists and ensure they are happy to be included, in some cases edited and of course paid.
This CD represents merely a facet in the diamond of the night that is Mercury Rising “

"I see so many avenues to work together to release music, everything from live recordings from Ibiza Rocks and Pikes, mix tapes, original productions, showcasing new artists, there's all sorts of avenues to open up."

DJ Harvey