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Pikes may be famous all around the world for its party atmosphere but we’re also aware that you’re on holiday – you want to relax, unwind, forget real life and treat your mind and body.

That’s why we’re pioneering our Rockovery services. If you’ve had a big night then maybe you’ll need a bit of a hand dealing with the morning after, or maybe you just want to carry on your usual yoga routines. You can also book some tennis coaching, personal training, numerology, healing therapies, a selection of massage styles, pilates, yoga or energise your body’s natural healing and detoxification systems with AcuDetox.

This summer we’ve got a full treatment list and we’re using local talent in every area – if you want a massage, let us know what kind and we’ll source a local person, if you want personal training then we’ve got Carlos who’ll come in and do boxing lessons and PT. We’ve got everything that you can possibly want from yoga sessions to eyelash extensions to numerology.

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Whatever you want, we will find it for you – we’re doing a proper concierge and the Rockovery is part of that. If you can’t see something that you want then ask us and we will source it.