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Our restaurant pays homage to Pamela’s uniqueness and elegant style, her bacchanalian finesse and her absolute encapsulation of the 70s – the era in which she arrived on the island.

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Specialist Wellness Retreats at Pikes Ibiza

While Ibiza and clubbing are known to go hand-in-hand, in more recent years, the island has extended its spare hand (so to speak) to yet another facet that makes this little rock in the Balearics so special. Ibiza and its wellness scene have become known as ‘the other side’ of Ibiza, and it’s no surprise really. Wellness is the yin to our partying yang. The famed healing energy of the island balances out all of its infamous excesses, if you’ll allow it. This all-new version of Ibiza – one where health and hedonism can go hand in hand – is one we’ve noticed resonates with Pikes clients, our island friends, and even our team.

This special rock has drawn some of the worlds leading experts in fitness, health and wellbeing, this magical island re-energises the vitality to those who call it home, and now we want to share that with you.

What is Rockovery?

Rockovery is a unique, first of its kind, look at the connection and balance of your mind, body, and spirit. It’s a holiday for the soul. Retreat back into the wild, the rediscovery of your inner light, a restart on your life, a rejection of bad habits, a rebirth of your true potential.

Our Rockovery Retreats have been designed to be experimental, but not pretentious. We look at exploring connection to your own spiritual self, whether that may come through a gong bath in the Pikes Rockovery Dome, or though our visualisation and meditation work, or simply watching the incredible sunrise on our dawn nature walk. We want those who take part in Rockovery to go on an eclectic journey of self discovery, fitness, island adventure and much-needed fun. It’s experimental, educational, a little bit cosmic and dusted with the unique Pikes attitude.

Sophisticated retreats for rebels and Ibiza royalty. It’s a retreat done the only one way we know how: with a little bit of rock and roll baby. There’s nowhere else on earth like it.

The aim of our Rockovery Retreats is to reconnect your body, your intellect, your strength and your spirit. To reintroduce you to your inner child and its wide-eyed wonder. It will reconnect you to music with the best Balearic soundtrack. It will take you back to nature through as you explore the natural beauty of the island and our understanding of our responsibility to it. You’ll re-establish a healthy relationship with your body as you experience our professional training, advice, nutrition, and after care.

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Rockovery Retreat: Meditation


Take time to centre yourself with this calming mediation playlist, designed to get you into a positive state of mind.