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Rockett St George

I’ve noticed over the years that some of our regular clients like to recreate bits of Pikes in their own homes. I’ve seen it on their Instagrams! They often ask us where we buy our things from – every year we get so many enquiries from guests to buy the ‘Bus’ sign that’s on our wall – so we thought that we should create some pieces that people can buy and take home. Something that’s more than just a hotel memento – a whole interior range that we can expand on.

With Rockett St George we’ve created about 12 pieces ranging from Pikes notebook bibles to record your sins at the side of the bed, to bigger neon art pieces. You’ll see the range around the hotel and if you like them you can buy them. It’s a Pikes-inspired home range that’s come directly from things that we needed in the hotel and that people love… and steal.

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“For me, the Pikes range started out with giant disco balls, neon lights, palm tree lights and cocktails – these were all things that went hand in hand with the Pikes story and go a long way in getting a party started.”

– Lucy St George

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“Guests who book the room will be able to sample Rockett St George at its very best! Think pure rock ‘n’ roll with a seductive, tropical twist.”

– Lucy St George

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