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Pikes Ibiza Podcast

The Pikes Podcast

A Series of Conversations

Welcome to the The Pikes Podcast, a 10 week series giving you a behind the scenes glimpse into the magical world of Pikes, capturing the moments of debauchery hidden away in the Ibizan hills.

Featuring a variety of presenters, including Pikes Creative Director, Dawn Hindle, expect to hear conversations with our residents, special guest collaborators, DJs, artists and other key figures from the scene – discussing their record collections, pivotal tracks and revealing standout stories from their time spent in Ibiza.

The Pikes Podcast is available to download exclusively here on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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DJ Harvey

Episode I

DJ Harvey x Artwork

In the first episiode listen to Dawn Hindle trying to talk sense with DJ Harvey and Artwork. Jokes, profanities, pink moustaches, disco balls, dogs-as-children and a whole bunch of nonsense that you didn’t know you needed to hear until now!

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Tony Pike

Episode II

The History of Pikes

Pikes Creative Director, Dawn Hindle is joined in Freddies by Tony Pikes biographer Matt Trollope to talk past, present, future and some of Tony's legendary exploits.

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ibiza sunset pikes ibiza

Episode III

The Evolution of Ibiza with DJ Alfredo

Special guest host Chris Coco sits down with one of the legendary names of the Ibiza music scene and Balearic sound pioneer, DJ Alfredo.

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Cosmic Pineapple – Kim Booth

Episode IV

Balearic Spirit with Kim Booth

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23 September